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Custom Pens Made from Wood Decorative and Custom Pens

Hand-Crafted Pens For You or Your Friends

My incredible  collection of  hand-crafted pens are created in my studio in Angleton, TX.  You can select from wide variety of writing instruments ranging from highly styalized collector pens to special interest pens to fit individuas interest in hobbies, sports and other activitiesm  I also have a category of bullet pens that will thrill hunters, marksmen and gun collectors. 

All of my pens are made of the highest quality, so you would be getting long-lasting pens made of the finest woods and components on the market. You can choose  pens made with gold, titanium, or rhodium. The crystals in the designs you see on my pens are embedded with genuine Swarovski Crystals. An incredible pen must utilize incredible woods. The woods used are carefully  selected from  sources around the world.  I search small sawmills across the US that focus on products made from downed trees.

You can also order pens that are rollerball, ball point or fountain pens.. My fountain pens are made with high-quality German nibs. You can refill them with cartridges or bottled ink. Several styles of pencils are also included.

Each pen is a one-of-a-kind creation that will be cherished by the owner.

Handcrafted Fountain PenHandcrafted Rollerball Pen

Custom Wood Pen Decorative Detail on the Pen Decorative and Handcrafted Pen

Collectors Pens

These exceptional quality writing instruments are made with gold and other rare earth metals, including Rhodium and Titanium, and specially selected wood comments from around the world. The fountain pens have gold plated German nibs (tips) for premier writing performance. These pens are well suited for doctors, lawyers, professional writers, or anyone wanting to experience writing with a premium quality pen. Pens are available in fountain pen and rollerball features. Stars range from Art Deco to a classic fountain pen with brilliant Swarovski crystals.

Special Interest Pens

VHE's selection of special interest covers a wide variety of topics from cowboy/Western pens, to Gothic, Pet Lovers, Music, Medical, fishing, sports, steampunk, and other special interest.

Bullet Pens

One of VHE's most popular category of pens is the bullet pens. This includes pens made of real 50 caliber shells to pens that were inspired by the old west revolver with cylinders that rote as you click the pen.

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